My Story-Interior Designs; Home Décor

My fascination with everything interior design/home renovations started at a young age. I remember drawing images of houses and constructing floor plans.

Correct positioning was everything, the sofa had to be placed one way, lamps, beds and tables all had to be placed a certain way as well. Although I did not recognize it at the time, I was following God’s plan by sowing a seed of creativity into my future.

Fast forward, however many years, I’m actually on my way to fulfilling that dream. Well, side stepping a few false starts here and there, because their was that time, I wanted to teach….

Nevertheless, here I am. Happily working on my goals. I’ve incorporated interior designs, home renovations along with my passion for art and design into a starter business.

That is what makes Creative Designs Plus+ so authentic. I now have the freedom to express myself in a truer form. From creating art in postcards, flyers, invites/events; to home and apartment designing, feng shui and color schemes. “I seek to be able to serve my industry in a way that promotes business as not only business, but as a lifestyle of creativity.”